Can a player play on more than on team?
No, A player cannot play on more than one team; even at another club.
Where can our team practice?
Field time is available for rent at the cost of $35 per hour – for more information please contact us. Teams can also practice at local parks or churches with their permission.
At what age can my child start playing soccer?
He or she must be 4 by the time the season starts
Do you have teams for all boys and girls, not co-Ed?
Yes, we have boys, girls and co-ed teams thru all age groups although the majority if co-ed stops in the U-12 division
Does my child have to play on a co-ed team?
No, unless there is not any all girls or all boys teams.
What is required to register?
An original birth record for confirmation and a copy – we do not keep the original. Please visit the main soccer page for more information on pricing.
Can my 4 years old and 5 year old play on the same team?
Do we have to buy uniforms, or are the uniforms included in the fees that we pay to N.W.O.?
The registration fee does not include uniforms. Uniforms are done through the coaches and parents.
How can I become a coach?
Just ask your age group coordinator and he will get you started.
How can I become a member?
Just ask an NW Optimist member for information.
Can I volunteer at the club without being a member?
Yes, we always need volunteers for field maintenance, registration, parking lot monitor etc.
What determines the age division the player is assigned to?
Please see chart for age division based on year born. AGE CHART
How many players from each team are allowed on the field?
U-6=4 players; U-8=4 players; U-10=7 players; U-12 recreational=9 players; U-12 competitive 9 players, U-14 and up=11 players per team



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